Låktatjåkko Mountain Lodge


Stay at Sweden's highest mountain station, 1,228 metres above sea level.

The Låktatjåkko Mountain Lodge is the pearl of the mountain world and lies in a spectacular location between two peaks, 15 kilometres from Riksgränsen. There, you can literally stay in the middle of the wilderness whilst also enjoying the good life, including a sauna, gourmet cuisine and a crackling fire.


Just outside the door you will find many fine ski runs and off-piste skiing to choose from. Those who just want to take it easy can relax with a book in the large cabin, or enjoy the summer sun atop a reindeer fur.

The Mountain Lodge has 10 rooms for up to 18 guests, who will enjoy a comfortable stay in single or double rooms. It also features a restaurant, bar, large cabin, sauna and toilets/showers.


During the daytime, the restaurant offers its renowned låkta waffles, along with lunch and snacks. The highpoint of the evening is dinner, when all the guests get together to savour a three course menu.

We can promise you a memorable visit, with great food and drink, high class service and a relaxing environment.

Exchange night

If you stay at least three nights at the Riksgränsen Hotel, or at a Riksgränsen apartment, you can exchange one of your nights for a night at Låktatjåkko Mountain Lodge at a very advantageous price. Of course, you will still keep your accommodation at Riksgränsen whilst you are away.

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